Provinces of Nigeria

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Map of the provinces of Nigeria in 1910

The Provinces of Nigeria are a former administrative division in Nigeria, which were in use in Colonial Nigeria and shortly after independence; from 1900 to 1967. They were altered many times through their history. They were divided into divisions, some of these were further subdivided into native authorities. Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria were also sometimes known as the Northern Provinces or Southern Provinces respectively. Currently Nigeria uses states as its administrative division.

The first use of provinces was in Northern Nigeria after Britain took over administration of the area from the Royal Niger Company in 1900. The British originally divided the area into eleven provinces which were:

In 1903 six more provinces were added; five following the Sokoto-Kano campaign, and also Gwandu province, making a total of 17. The number of provinces was reduced to 13 in 1911, and 12 after World War I. In 1926 Adamawa and Plateau became new provinces. The provinces and divisions in 1945, with the names or number of Native Authorities in each division:

Province Region Division Native Authorities
Abeokuta Western Egba Abeokuta
Abeokuta Western Egbado 5
Adamawa Northern Adamawa Adamawa
Adamawa Northern Muri Muri
Adamawa Northern Numan Numan, Shellen
Bauchi Northern Bauchi Bauchi, Dass, Ningi
Bauchi Northern Gombe
Bauchi Northern Katagum
Benin Western Asaba 23
Benin Western Benin Benin
Benin Western Ishan 11
Benin Western Kukuruku, later Afenmai 36
Benue Northern Idoma 21
Benue Northern Lafia Awe, Lafia
Benue Northern Nasarawa Keffi, Nasarawa
Benue Northern Tiv 55
Benue Northern Wukari 6
Bornu Northern Bedde Bedde
Bornu Northern Biu 3
Bornu Northern Bornu Bornu
Bornu Northern Dikwa Dikwa
Bornu Northern Potiskum Fika
Calabar Eastern Abak 8
Calabar Eastern Calabar 3
Calabar Eastern Eket 7
Calabar Eastern Enyong Aro 5
Calabar Eastern Enyong Itu 5
Calabar Eastern Ikot Ekpene 4
Calabar Eastern Opobo 4
Calabar Eastern Uyo 9
Cameroons Eastern Bamenda 23
Cameroons Eastern Kumba 12
Cameroons Eastern Mamfe 7
Cameroons Eastern Victoria 3
Ijebu Western Ijebu-Odo Ijebu-Ode, Ijebu-Remo
Ilorin Northern Borgu Bussa, Kaiama
Ilorin Northern Ilorin Ilorin
Ilorin Northern Pategi-Lafiagi Lafiagi, Pategi
Kabba Northern Igala 5
Kabba Northern Igbirra Igbirra
Kabba Northern Kabba 5
Kabba Northern Koton Karifi 4
Kano Northern Kano Kanu,
Kano Northern Hadejia Gumel, HadejiaKazaure
Katsina Northern Katsina Daura, Katsina
Niger Northern Abuja Abuja, Lapai
Niger Northern Bida Agaie, Bida
Niger Northern Kontagora Kontagora, Wushishi, Zuru
Niger Northern Minna Gwari, Kamuku
Ogoja Eastern Abakaliki 6
Ogoja Eastern Afikpo 11
Ogoja Eastern Ikom 9
Ogoja Eastern Obobra 9
Ogoja Eastern Ogoja 12
Ondo Western Ekiti 16
Ondo Western Okitipupa 5
Ondo Western Ondo 3
Ondo Western Owo 6
Onitsha Eastern Awka 9
Onitsha Eastern Awgu 3
Onitsha Eastern Onitsha 20
Onitsha Eastern Nsukka 8
Onitsha Eastern Udi 3
Owerri Eastern Aba 3
Owerri Eastern Bende 1
Owerri Eastern Okigwi 2
Owerri Eastern Orlu 5
Owerri Eastern Owerri 22
Oyo Western Ibadan Ibadan
Oyo Western Ife-Ilesha Ife, Ilesha
Oyo Western Oyo Oyo
Plateau Northern Jema'a Jema'a
Plateau Northern Jos 5
Plateau Northern Pankshin 22
Plateau Northern Shendam Wase, 6 others
Plateau Northern Southern Eggon, Nunku, Wamba
Rivers Eastern Ahoada 7
Rivers Eastern Brass 3
Rivers Eastern Degema 4
Rivers Eastern Ogoni 1
Sokoto Northern Argungu Argungu
Sokoto Northern Gwandu Gwandu, Yauri
Sokoto Northern Sokoto Sokoto
Warri Western Aboh 3
Warri Western Warri 3
Warri Western Urhobo 28
Warri Western Western Ijaw 13
Zaria Northern Zaria Zaria, 4 others

There were thirteen provinces in Northern Nigeria in 1966 which were abolished in May 1967: