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The Provinces of Venezuela were administrative divisions used from Venezuela's independence from Gran Colombia in 1830 to 1864, when the States of Venezuela were created. There were initially 11 provinces, with 4 created later, until in 1856 the Law of Territorial Division divided Venezuela into 21 provinces.

Some of the provinces at independence had previously existed in a similar form during the Spanish Empire, in some cases having been abolished during the Gran Colombia period. With the conclusion of the Federal War in 1863, a new constitution transformed the provinces into the States of Venezuela.

Before the declaration of independence[edit]

Map of Venezuela in 1810, by Agostino Codazzi.

As of 1810 Venezuela's provinces within the Captaincy General of Venezuela were

The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence (1811) was signed by Caracas Province, Cumaná Province, Barinas Province, Margarita Province, plus the newly created Barcelona Province, Mérida Province and Trujillo Province. The three remaining provinces (Maracaibo Province, Guayana Province, and the newly created Coro Province) opted to stay under Spanish rule. Following the Venezuelan War of Independence, all were incorporated into Gran Colombia.

At independence, 1830[edit]


The 13 provinces of Venezuela existing in 1840. Map by Agostino Codazzi.

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