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The Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF) is an annual film festival founded in 1999 and held in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The festival presents an array of American and international narrative features, documentaries and short films for five days in June of each year.[1]

With panel discussions[2] and special programs such as Youth and Diversity[3] and Portuguese film sidebars, the festival makes a special effort to honor and incorporate the unique cultural, historic, and artistic character of Provincetown with its thriving art colony, its large gay and lesbian population,[4] its original Native American and Portuguese heritage, and its congenial scenic setting. In keeping with its edgy mission, the festival often presents films about countercultural figures, such as John Lennon, Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, and writer William S. Burroughs.[5]

The festival is a program of the Provincetown Film Society, the non-profit parent organization which also operates the year-round Waters Edge Cinema (formerly known as Whaler's Wharf Cinema), a year-round Provincetown movie theater presenting what it considers the best in current independent and international cinema.


In its ongoing mission to honor the work of both established and emerging directors, the Provincetown International Film Festival has established a number of awards.

In addition to the usual "best film" types of awards, each year PIFF presents a unique and prestigious award, the Filmmaker on the Edge Award, to honor visionary filmmakers who have expanded the boundaries of the art.[1][9] Since 2007 PIFF has also presented an Excellence in Acting Award.

Career Achievement[edit]

This award is sponsored by Cape Air.[11]

Faith Hubley Memorial Award[edit]


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