Provincial Health Services Authority

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Provincial Health Services Authority
PHSA serves the entire province
Motto Province-wide solutions. Better health.
Formation 2001
Type British Columbia Health Authority
Carl Roy
$2.78 billion (approx) in 2014-15[1]
18,000 (approx)

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is a publicly funded health service provider in the province of British Columbia. Other health authorities in the province have a regional jurisdiction. PHSA is unique in Canada as the only health authority having a province-wide mandate for specialized health services. Services are provided either directly through PHSA agencies or through funding or collaboration with regional health authorities.

PHSA operates and manages a number of well-recognized specialized agencies:

The PHSA concentrates on doing three things to meet its responsibilities in health care:

  • Provide leadership and management of selected agencies and organizations providing province-wide health care services;
  • Ensure health care is delivered by overseeing performance agreements, expectations and funding allocations for selected provincial health care programs and services; and,
  • Province-wide coordination of programs, services and support systems required by all health authorities and/or the Ministry of Health.

Management and employees[edit]

Because of its provision of province-wide specialized care, PHSA has repeatedly had the five highest-paid employees (each a physician) in the public health sector listed in annual reviews by the Vancouver Sun newspaper. [2]

President and CEO Carl Roy was named in January 2014 to lead the executive team.[3] The position became available after PHSA's first President and CEO Lynda Cranston resigned after a controversial wage increase for 118 senior managers during a province-wide wage freeze for the public health sector.[4]

PHSA has been consistently named a top employer in Canada, and in October 2013 was again recognized with a national top employer honour.[5]

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