Provincial Highway 76 (Taiwan)

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Provincial Highway 76

Provincial Highway 76 (Chinese: 台76線) is an expressway, which begins in the border of Puyan, Changhua and Fuxing, Changhua on Jhangshuei Road (Provincial Highway No. 19) and ends in Caotun, Nantou on (National Highway No. 3).


The total length is 20 km.

Major Cities Along the Route[edit]


(Fangyuan IC to Puyan IC is planning to build)

Intersections with other Freeways and Expressways[edit]


Baguashan Tunnel between Lincuo IC. and Zhongxing JCT. was the longest highway tunnel (4.9 km) in Taiwan when opened to traffic in April 2005, although the top rank moved to Hsuehshan Tunnel in National Highway No. 5 in June 2006.

The exact route west of the Provincial Highway No. 19 is undetermined. However, there is an alternative route connecting to West Coast Expressway (Provincial Highway No. 61).

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