Provisional Committee of the State Duma

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Nine members of the Provisional Committee of the State Duma in March 1917. From left to right:
Seated: V. N. Lvov, V. A. Rzhevsky, S. I. Shidlovsky, and M. V. Rodzianko (Chairman);
Standing: V. V. Shulgin, B. A. Engelhardt, A. F. Kerensky, and M. A. Karaulov.

The Provisional Committee of the State Duma (Russian: Временный Комитет Государственной Думы) was a special government body established on March 12, 1917 (27 February O.S.) by the Fourth State Duma deputies at the outbreak of the February Revolution in the same year. It was formed under the jurisdiction of the Russian Provisional Government, established immediately after the abdication of Nicholas II.[1]

Name Party Notes
Mikhail Rodzianko Octobrist Committee chairman
Vasily Shulgin Progressive Russian Nationalists Faction leader
Vladimir Lvov Center Chairman of Duma's faction
Ivan Dmitryukov Octobrist (left deviation)
Sergei Shidlovskiy Octobrist Chairman of Progressive Bloc, leader of left Octobrists
Mikhail Karaulov Independent Commandant of Taurida Palace
Alexander Kerensky Trudovik Executive Committee of Petrograd Soviet
Aleksandr Konovalov Progressist
Vladimir Rzhevsky Progressist
A.A. Bublikov? Progressist Party[2]
Vasily Maklakov Kadet
Pavel Milyukov Kadet
Nikolai Nekrasov Kadet
Nikolay Chkheidze Menshevik Executive Committee of Petrograd Soviet
Vasily Anisimoff? Menshevik Executive Committee of Petrograd Soviet
Boris Engelgardt Independent Commandant of Petrograd Garrison

The committee declared itself the governing body of Russian Empire, but de facto competed for power with the Petrograd Soviet, which was created on the same day. The Government of Golitzine as the Council of Ministers of Russian Empire retreated to the Admiralty building. The committee of the State Duma appointed 24 commissars to head various state ministries replacing the Imperial Government. According to Milyukov Chkheidze never participated in the work of the committee.

On March 15 (March 2 O.S.) the committee and the Petrograd Soviet agreed to create the Provisional Government. Many members of the committee went on to serve in the Provisional Government, while the committee continued to play an insignificant role until the Fourth Duma was dissolved on September 19 (September 6 O.S.).


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