Provisional Government (1868–1871)

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The Provisional Government (1868–1871) was a provisional government formed in Spain between the overthrow of Queen Isabella II of Spain on 30 September 1868 after the Glorious Revolution, and the inauguration of the new King Amadeo I of Spain before the Cortes on 2 January 1871.

It was the first phase of a 6-year period, known as the Sexenio Democrático (1868–1874).

The revolutionary spirit that had overthrown the Spanish government in September 1868 lacked direction. It was a coalition of 3 parties : the Unión Liberal headed by Francisco Serrano, the Progressive Party headed by Juan Prim and the Democratic Party.

The Cortes rejected the notion of a Republic and chose for a Constitutional monarchy.

This period can be divided in two :