Prowler in the Yard

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Prowler in the Yard
Studio album by Pig Destroyer
Released July 24, 2001 (2001-07-24)
Recorded August 2000–March 2001 in Brian Harvey's basement
Genre Grindcore
Length 36:26
Label Relapse
Producer Scott Hull
Pig Destroyer chronology
38 Counts of Battery
Prowler in the Yard
Benümb / Pig Destroyer split
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Prowler in the Yard is the second studio album by American grindcore band Pig Destroyer. It was released on July 24, 2001, on Relapse Records. The album follows a dark and twisted story of love, obsession and gore. The booklet also features an extra page of prose about the protagonist and "Jennifer". The album was recorded on an 8-track in drummer Brian Harvey's basement.

In March 2009, Terrorizer named the album the third best American grindcore release of all time.[2] In July 2015, Relapse Records announced that they would be reissuing Prowler In the Yard with remixed and remastered audio, a variety of 2CD and vinyl formats, and exclusive content including photos, liner notes, and an unreleased track.[3]

The 2015 remix omits "Evacuating Heaven". Scott Hull explains in the liner notes: "In keeping with the edict that we NOT add anything new to this cd, one song's vocal track was missing from the multi-track archives and, instead of recording new vocals for the sake of keeping it in the track sequence, that track (Evacuating Heaven) was omitted. Additionally, the Jennifer "postlogue" that was at the end of Piss Angel was given its own track ID, separating it from the previous song. So now both tracks are by themselves."[4]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by J. R. Hayes.

No. Title Length
1. "Jennifer" 1:21
2. "Cheerleader Corpses" 0:35
3. "Scatology Homework" 0:49
4. "Trojan Whore" 1:35
5. "Ghost of a Bullet" 0:20
6. "Heart and Crossbones" 0:48
7. "Strangled with a Halo" 1:25
8. "Intimate Slavery" 1:05
9. "Mapplethorpe Grey" 1:21
10. "Evacuating Heaven" 0:16
11. "Tickets to the Car Crash" 0:39
12. "Naked Trees" 1:46
13. "Sheet Metal Girl" 1:09
14. "Preacher Crawling" 1:29
15. "Pornographic Memory" 0:57
16. "Murder Blossom" 0:18
17. "Body Scout" 1:01
18. "Snuff Film at Eleven" 1:10
19. "Hyperviolet" 3:28
20. "Starbelly" 5:03
21. "Junkyard God" 1:59
22. "Piss Angel" 7:57
23. "Delusional Supremacy" (Japanese bonus track) 0:25
Total length: 36:26


Pig Destroyer[edit]


  • Paul Booth – cover art
  • Matthew F. Jacobson – executive production
  • Scott Kinkade – photography
  • Jonathan Canady – design