Proximus Towers

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Proximus Towers
Belgium - Brussels - Belgacom Towers - 01.jpg
The Proximus Towers in Brussels
General information
LocationNorthern Quarter, Brussels, Belgium
Coordinates50°51′35″N 4°21′30″E / 50.85972°N 4.35833°E / 50.85972; 4.35833Coordinates: 50°51′35″N 4°21′30″E / 50.85972°N 4.35833°E / 50.85972; 4.35833
Construction started1994
Roof102 metres (335 ft)[1][2]
Technical details
Floor count32[1]
Floor area101,200 square metres (1,089,000 sq ft)[2]

The Proximus Towers (French: Tours Proximus, Dutch: Proximus-torens, known as the Belgacom Towers before the company's name change) are twin skyscrapers on King Albert II Street in the Northern Quarter central business district of Brussels, Belgium. The buildings take their name from the telecommunications company Proximus. They are among the tallest buildings in Belgium.

The towers are both 102 metres (335 ft) tall to the roof, and Tower 1 has a spire reaching 134 metres (440 ft) high with a Belgian flag mounted on top. The two towers are linked by a 30 m long glass skyway between the 25th and 26th floors of each building.[1]

The towers were originally conceived as part of an eight-building Brussels World Trade Center complex, but were splintered off into a separate project.[3] The construction of the towers began in 1994 and was completed in 1996.


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