Proxy Networks, Inc.

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Proxy Networks, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 2006
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key people
CEO Andy Kim, CFO Michael de Anda, CTO Bob Paul,[1] Ryan Gallager
Products Remote Desktop Software

Proxy Networks, Inc. is a provider of Remote Desktop Software and remote collaboration software designed for help desk technicians, network administrators, and IT managers. Proxy Networks software has been used by US government agencies, multinational corporations, and is distributed worldwide by vendors; the company’s remote access, remote control, and remote management tools are especially geared towards SMBs and enterprises in the legal, healthcare,education, government, financial services, and professional services sectors. Proxy Networks produces the PROXY Pro software series, which consists of four editions.[2] The company was formed in 2006 by a venture capital-backed acquisition from Juniper Networks. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Proxy Networks is led by CEO Andy Kim.

Software Editions[edit]

As of 9/14/2018, the latest version is v10.0.0.3478. The PROXY Pro remote control software[2] series is composed of two on-premise solutions while the third is hosted:

  1. PROXY Pro Workstation Edition provides remote desktop access directly from one computer to another in peer-to-peer fashion. It consists of the PROXY Pro Master (viewer) and the PROXY Pro Host (client) and the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool.
  2. PROXY Pro RAS Edition (Remote Access Server) utilizes the same PROXY Pro Master and PROXY Pro Host components and adds the Proxy Web Console, a server-side component that allows for the access, management and remote control of Host machines from a browser. It is an on-premises remote desktop software solution for remote support and collaboration with configurable service management tools, screen recording, real-time reporting and historical connection reporting.
  3. PROXY Air is a hosted remote desktop service eliminating the need for a customer to manage a server on premise. It works in attended mode or unattended mode and makes exclusive use of Microsoft Azure AD for authentication.
  4. PROXY Pro Gateway Edition has been retired at v9 and is now known as PROXY Pro RAS for v10.

Company history[edit]

Proxy Networks’ technology was originally developed by Funk Software, which introduced the first remote desktop support software for the Windows 3.1 platform circa 1993.

In late 2005, Funk Software was taken over by Juniper Networks.[3]

In July 2006, with financial backing from de Anda Capital LLC (a private equity firm with investments in companies such as Asurion and ServiceSource), newly incorporated Proxy Networks Inc. acquired the remote desktop software product line from Juniper Networks[4] for an undisclosed amount.[5]

At this time the Proxy Networks team consisted of ten employees, and was headed by CEO Andy Kim. According to Kim, at the time of the acquisition, the proprietary software (later renamed “PROXY Pro”) was already installed at hundreds of companies[6] such as Boeing Co., Fidelity Investments and the U.S. Secret Service.

Regarding the acquisition, Juniper VP Joe Ryan commented that the remote desktop software was “not in Juniper’s area of focus,” and that Juniper would concentrate more on network security than management of computers and servers.[7]

Product Distribution[edit]

Proxy Networks' products are sold directly to customers in North America. They are sold through third-party vendors in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Latin America.

Version history[edit]

Version Date Update History
10.1 Soon External networking requirements trimmed to only 443. Up until this release, one port is needed for IIS (443) and another for the Gateway (8443).
10.0 Hotfix 3 Aug 2018 Fixed a bug whereby Host rejects Master credentials when configured correctly. Users of 80+ AD groups may not have been evaluated properly, this is now fixed.
10.0 Hotfix 2 July 2018 Various UI and reliability enhancements. Master now sorts machines appropriately by IP address. Better handling when the Host has no cursor.
10.0 Hotfix 1 April 2018 Various fixes. Server Configuration Check Utility introduced to help diagnose and fix configuration issues. Re-naming from Private Cloud Edition to RAS for Remote Access Server.
10.0.0 FCS Dec 2018 PROXY Pro 10 is released! The big three new capabilities are hierarchical Host grouping, HTML5 playback window and multi-factor authentication via Microsoft Azure AD.
9.0.1 Hotfix 7 May 2018 Cursor calibration issue fixed when multiple monitors are using different resolutions and scales. Manage Visual Effects works more reliably. Latest OpenSSL libraries (v1.0.2o)
9.0.1 Hotfix 6 May 2017 Gateway handles multiple Master versions from v6 -> v9. Host Status Updating has been improved along with updates to the latest OpenSSL libraries (v1.0.2l)
9.0.1 Hotfix 5 April 2017 Gateway Server SSL support now restricts connections to TLS 1.2 only for enhanced security and compliance with industry best practices.
9.0.1 Hotfix 4 Dec 2016 The Host component received a significant performance improvement on Windows 10.
9.0.1 Hotfix 3 Nov 2016 Introduces support for Mac OS 10.2, Deployment Tool refreshes faster, latest available OpenSSL packages.
9.0.1 Hotfix 2 Aug 2016 Bug fixes. Clipboard transfer error fixed, Gateway Server memory leak fixed, Host installation error fixed.
9.0.1 Hotfix 1 May 2016 Added "Update Master Settings" to Deployment Tool, new OpenSSL library (1.0.2h).
9.0.1 Mar 2016 Added "Export Deployment Tool Settings", remote printing is now an optional component, added "Forms Authentication".
9.0.0 Dec 2015 Support for Windows 10, new Mac viewer and Mac client, overhauled remote printing, automatic reconnection upon unexpected disconnect or a reboot, export connection audit reports to XLS & CSV
8.10.2 Hotfix 1 Aug 2015 Added "Filter" box to Master.
8.10.2 Feb 2015 Added Host on Demand for Mac, monitor output toggle buttons, automatic screen recording, automatic screen recording based on user launching connection.
8.10.1 Hotfix 4 Nov 2014 General bug fixes, updated OpenSSL library (1.0.1j).
8.10.1 Hotfix 3 Sept 2014 General bug fixes.
8.10.1 Hotfix 2 Sept 2014 General bug fixes, bug fixes to the iOS app, updated OpenSSL library (1.0.1i).
8.10.1 Hotfix 1 Aug 2014 PROXY Pro Remote Desktop App for iOS.
8.0.0 Jan 2012 Introduced Web Console, added new product, Private Cloud Edition.
7.0.5 Nov 2011 Bug fixes, performance enhancements.
7.0.4 Mar 2011 Added "Active Users List" to indicate identities of connected users, restart in Safe Mode w/Networking and connect while in stealth mode.
7.0.3 Dec 2010 Internal maintenance release.
7.0.2 Nov 2010 Bug fixes.
7.0.1 Jan 2010 Bug fixes, auto-scrolling in all directions in full screen mode.
7.0.0 Nov 2009 Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008, connect to Mac via VNC, Wake on LAN, Deployment Tool now discovers computers and OUs in AD.


The following companies and organizations are among those that have used PROXY Pro remote desktop software.[8]