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Proyecto Venezuela
Proyecto Venezuela
Leader Henrique Salas Römer
Founded 1998
Headquarters Valencia, Carabobo
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Centre[1] to Centre-right
National affiliation Democratic Unity Roundtable
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Regional affiliation Union of Latin American Parties
Seats in the National Assembly
2 / 165
Seats in the Latin American Parliament
0 / 12
Governors of States of Venezuela
0 / 23
2 / 337

Venezuela Project (in Spanish: Proyecto Venezuela) is a centre-right political party in Venezuela. At the legislative elections, 30 July 2000, the party won 7 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly of Venezuela. The legislative elections of 2006 were boycotted by the party. The leader is Henrique Salas Römer who was a Presidential Candidate in the 1998 elections.

Its current president is Salas Römer's son, Henrique Salas Feo, former governor of Carabobo. It is a full member of the IDU.

For the upcoming 2017 and 2018 elections, the party withdrew from participating saying that the CNE's process was too demanding.[2]


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