Prudence Liew (album)

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Prudence Liew
Prudence Liew cover.JPG
Studio album by Prudence Liew
Released December 23, 1986
Recorded 1986
Genre Cantopop
Label Current
Sony BMG (reissues 2005-2008)
Sony Music (reissues 2008-)
Producer Joseph Chan
Prudence Liew chronology
劉美君 Prudence Liew
點解 Why
Singles from Prudence Liew
  1. "午夜情 Midnight Love"
  2. "最後一夜 The Last Night"
  3. "霓虹鳥 Neon Bird"
  4. "亞熱帶少年 Subtropical Boy"
  5. "Mind Made Up"

Lau Mei Gwan (Chinese 劉美君 Prudence Liew) is the self-titled debut album of cantopop singer Prudence Liew, released on December 23, 1986.

Album information[edit]

While working as a film producer, Liew was faced with the task of coming up with a theme song to the movie Midnight Beauties (午夜麗人). The film company eventually decided to cover a Korean pop ballad called "Dear J" by Lee Sun-hee and have Liew write the Cantonese lyrics as well as perform the vocals on the track. The result was the lead single to the album, titled "Midnight Love 午夜情", about a forbidden love between a hostess club worker and her client. The song garnered heavy airplay from radio stations across Hong Kong, and Liew was signed as the flagship artist to Current Records to record this album.

The second single off the album, "最後一夜 The Last Night", is a cover version of the song, "You're a Woman" by the German Europop group Bad Boys Blue. The track featured a heavy dance beat that proved to be very popular with the Hong Kong disco scene. The popularity of this song propelled Liew's status in the music scene and this song is still considered to be her signature song.[1]

Many well-known composers and lyricists from Hong Kong and Taiwan contributed to this album, including Wong Jim (黃霑), Lam Manyee (林敏怡), Andrew Lam (林敏驄), and Richard Lam (林振強). Liew herself composed and wrote the lyrics for the final track of the album, "Troubled Depressing Night 惆悵滄桑夜" as well as providing the lyrics to the aforementioned "Midnight Love 午夜情".


The album sold extremely well, having certified 10x platinum[2] by the Hong Kong IFPI, selling over 500,000 copies. Sales of this album set the record in Hong Kong for the most albums sold by a debuting local artist, a record that has yet to be defeated.[1] The album was also well received by critics, landing in many music critics' lists of top albums from the 1980s, and won two music awards as Album of the Year from RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards[3] and Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards[4] in 1987.


Because of the quality of the album, it is still very popular among audiophiles in Hong Kong today. Sony BMG (BMG Music which bought out Current Records in 1992), started re-issuing the album in several high end audio formats, including Super Audio CD, Extended Resolution Compact Disc and most recently, Blu-spec CD.

Re-issue formats[edit]

  • Prudence Liew (SACD), released 2002
  • Prudence Liew (Sony BMG - The Legendary Collection), released July 12, 2005 [5]
  • Prudence Liew (XRCD), release September 28, 2005 [6]
  • Prudence Liew (LPCD 45 Version), released July 24, 2007 [7]
  • Prudence Liew (Pure Gold Series), released April 9, 2009 [8]
  • Prudence Liew (Blu-Spec CD), release March 19, 2010 [9]

Track list[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "最後一夜 (The Last Night)"   Richard Lam T. Hendrik, K. Van Harren, M. Applegate 5:32
2. "清晨 (Early Morning)"   Man Cheng Yat Lam Manyee 4:01
3. "亞熱帶少年 Subtropical Boy"   Yu Yeen Hon-Jen Gi 4:30
4. "忘情 (Forgotten Love)"   Wong Jim Wong Jim 3:59
5. "午夜情 (Midnight Love)"   Prudence Liew Se Geon Li 3:31
6. "假裝 (Pretending)"   Hon-Leung Yip Hon-Jen Gi 4:45
7. "Mind Made Up"   Joey Ou Richard Yung 4:14
8. "霓虹鳥 (Neon Bird)"   Yuen Leung Poon Joseph Chan 4:14
9. "隔 (Separated)"   Andrew Lam Andrew Lam 4:31
10. "惆悵滄桑夜 (Troubled Depressing Night)"   Prudence Liew Prudence Liew 4:05
Total length:


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