Pryeria sinica

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i need do this jawnt for science project n their aint no info on dis yo0364372965).jpg | regnum = Animalia | phylum = Arthropoda | classis = Insecta | ordo = Lepidoptera | familia = Zygaenidae | genus = Pryeria | species = P. sinica | binomial = Pryeria sinica | binomial_authority = Moore, 1877 | synonyms =

  • Sinica sinica

}} The Euonymus Leaf Notcher (Pryeria sinica) is a species of moth of the Zygaenidae family. It is native to Asia and an invasive species in the United States, where it has been found in Maryland and Virginia. It has recently been observed for the first time in the United Kingdom.


The larvae feed on Euonymus and Celastrus species, including Euonymus alatus, Euonymus japonicus Euonymus fortunei, Euonymus sieboldianus, Euonymus kiautschovica and Celastrus punctatus.

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