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Przegląd Tomistyczny: Filozofia - Teologia - Kultura Duchowa Średniowiecza (Thomistic Review: Philosophy - Theology - Spiritual Culture of the Middle Ages) is a Polish journal published by Instytut Tomistyczny (Thomistic Institute) with its seat in the Dominican priory in Warsaw, Służew. This review publishes fruits of studies on intellectual and spiritual Christian tradition with a particular emphasis on Polish heritage, research on Middle Ages, and philosophical and theological quest in the tradition of Thomism.

This review was established in 1984 in continuity with Polski Przegląd Tomistyczny (Polish Thomistic Review) founded by Dominican Friars in January 1939. The calamities of World War II and crooked history of post-war Poland made this 75 years gap inevitable.

Przegląd Tomistyczny prints original articles and book reviews in Polish, English, French, German, and Italian. It publishes also editions of short historical Latin texts as well as Polish translations of short source texts.

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