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P.S. commonly refers to:

  • Postscript, writing added after the main body of a letter

PS, P.S., ps, and other variants may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


Other media[edit]


  • Pashto language (ISO 639 alpha-2 language code "ps")
  • Proto Semitic, a hypothetical proto-language ancestral to historical Semitic languages of the Middle East
  • The sound of the Greek letter psi (Greek) (ψ).




  • Pastors, ministers in some Christian churches
  • Psalms, a book in the Tanakh and Christian Bibles

Science and technology[edit]

Units of measurement[edit]


  • Adobe Photoshop, a graphics editor and creator by Adobe
  • MPEG program stream, an MPEG-2 container format
  • Parametric Stereo, feature used in digital audio
  • PostScript, a page description language
    • .ps, filename extension for a file in PostScript format
  • ps (Unix), an application that displays statistics on running processes
  • .ps, the State of Palestine Internet domain extension or top-level domain (ccTLD)
  • PS Power and Sample Size, an interactive computer program for power and sample size calculations
  • Windows PowerShell, a command line scripting and system management shell for Microsoft Windows


Physics and chemistry[edit]


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