Psalm 115

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Psalm 115 is part of the Egyptian Hallel sequence in the Book of Psalms.

This psalm was often attached to the preceding psalm in ancient translations, including LXX and Vulgate. In the Vulgate version it is counted as verses 9–26 of Psalm 113 (Psalm 114 in Hebrew numbering).

In Judaism[edit]

  • Is one of six psalms (113-118) of which Hallel is composed. On all days when Hallel is recited, this psalm is recited in its entirety, except on Rosh Chodesh and the last six days of Passover, when only verses 1-11 are recited.[1]
  • Verse 18 is the final verse of Ashrei.[2] It is also recited by some following Psalm 126 preceding Birkat Hamazon.[3]

In Christianity[edit]

Verse 1 is notable as the text of the hymn Non nobis, Domine.


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