Psalm 122

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Psalm 122 (Laetatus sum or commonly I Was Glad) is one of 15 psalms from the Book of Psalms that begin with the words "A song of ascents" (Shir Hama'alot).

Uses in Judaism[edit]

Settings in music[edit]

  • Monteverdi set the Latin (Vulgate) text, Laetatus sum, at least three times, in his Vespers of 1610 and twice as a stand-alone motet in 1643.
  • Charpentier set the same text in 1671, again as a motet, catalogued as H161.
  • Jommelli did the same, in 1743.
  • The Book of Common Prayer version, I was glad, is used in Parry's 1902 coronation anthem of that name.
  • The same English text was used for coronation music by Purcell and others.
  • Herbert Howells set verses 6 and 7 in his anthem "O, pray for the peace of Jerusalem."


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