Psalm 131

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Scroll of the Psalms

Psalm 131 is the 131st psalm from the Book of Psalms.[1] It is one of 15 psalms that begins with the words "A song of ascents" (Shir Hama'alot).

It is attributed to King David and is ranked among the psalms of confidence.




File:Brocky, Karoly - Mother and Child (1846-50).

Since the Middle Ages, according to the Rule of St. Benedict(530), it was traditionally recited or sung at the office of vespers on Tuesday between Psalm 130 and Psalm 132[3][4]

Currently, in the Liturgy of the Hours, we find Psalm 131 in the Office of Readings of Saturday's first week and vespers Tuesday of the third week. In the liturgy of the Mass, he recited the 31st year the Sunday A8, and in the 31st week Monday even years and the 31st Tuesday odd years.[5]


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