Psalm 67

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Psalm 67 in the shape of the Menorah

Psalm 67 (Greek numbering: Psalm 66) is part of the biblical Book of Psalms.



Anglican Church[edit]

It may be recited as a canticle in the Anglican liturgy of Evening Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer as an alternative to the Nunc dimittis, when it is referred to by its incipit as the Deus misereatur (also A Song of God's Blessing).

The main hymn paraphrase of this Psalm is God of mercy, God of grace by Henry Francis Lyte and generally sung to the tune Heathlands by Henry Smart.

Lutheran Church[edit]

Also of note is Martin Luther's paraphrase, used particularly in Lutheran churches. In earlier hymnbooks this was set to the old chorale tune Es wolle Gott uns gnädig sein, but the new Lutheran Service Book also provides a newer tune Elvet Banks.

Musical settings[edit]

Musical settings of Psalm 67 were composed by Charles Ives and Thomas Tallis.


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