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Psalm 98 (Greek numbering: Psalm 97) is one of the psalms in the biblical Book of Psalms. One of the Royal Psalms, Psalm 9399, praising God as the King of His people.




It may be recited as a canticle in the Anglican liturgy of Evening Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer as an alternative to the Magnificat, when it is referred to by its incipit as the Cantate Domino. It is not included as a canticle in Common Worship, but it does of course appear in the psalter.

Musical settings[edit]

Musical settings of Psalm 98 were composed by Loys Bourgeois,[citation needed] John Rutter,[citation needed] David Conte and Arvo Pärt.[citation needed]

Bernard BarrellShow Yourselves Joyful unto the Lord, Anthem for female chorus and organ, Op. 130 (1993) The Christmas carol "Joy to the World" is a lyrical adaptation of Psalm 98 written by Isaac Watts and set by Lowell Mason to a tune attributed to George Frideric Handel.

Czech composer Antonín Dvořák set part of Psalm 98 (together with part of Psalm 96) to music as No. 10 of his Biblical Songs (1894).


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