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Origin London, England
Genres Electronica, indie pop
Years active 2002–present
Labels Melodic, Rallye, Wiaiwya, Arable, Leaf, Domino Records, The state51 Conspiracy
Members Galia Durant
Carim Clasmann

Psapp (/ˈsæp/ or /ˈpsæp/)[1] is an experimental electronica band. The band, a duo consisting of Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, are sometimes credited with inventing a musical style known as toytronica, a form of electronica made with toys and toy instruments (the band uses toy guitars, flutes, and a chicken they named Brunhilda). They have released four albums (Tiger, My Friend, The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, The Camel's Back and What Makes Us Glow), a Japan Exclusive Mini-Album Northdown and five EPs (Do Something Wrong, Rear Moth, Buttons and War, Hi and the iTunes-exclusive Early Cats and Tracks). They composed the song "Cosy in the Rocket", the main theme on the medical-drama TV series Grey's Anatomy. Some of their other songs have been used in other American TV shows such as The OC and Nip/Tuck as well as the UK Channel 4 TV show Sugar Rush.

On Monday 16 September 2013, announced that their fourth album What Makes Us Glow will be released on 11 November 2013 through The state51 Conspiracy.[2] The first single to be released from this album was Wet Salt on 4 November 2013 [3]

Psapp are known for their humour on stage, throwing toy cats (hand-made by the band) into the audience.


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