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PSC stands for Passed Staff College in Commonwealth militaries of Britain, Bangladesh, Indian, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Used as post-nominal letters it indicates that the officer has undertake the staff officer course at a Staff College.

United Kingdom[edit]

The practice originated in the British Army where the initial psc appeared in the service lists denoting that the officer had attended the Staff College, Camberley. Royal Navy offers who attended the staff course at Royal Naval College, Greenwich also used the qualification. Since the 1997 amalgamation of staff training officers now receive the letters psc(j) from the Joint Services Command and Staff College.


PSC is used for Bangladeshi Army officers who has attended the Defence Services Command & Staff College (DSCSC), Bangladesh.


Initials psc is used by officers who attended the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, India.


In Pakistan initials psc is used by officers who attended the Command and Staff College, Quetta.


Officers graduated from the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College, Kuala Lumpur use the initials psc.

Sri Lanka[edit]

In Sri Lanka, the initials psc is used by Army, Navy and Air Force officers who has gained the ‘Pass Staff College’ status from a recognized a staff college such as the Defence Services Command and Staff College and the Sri Lanka Air Force Junior Command & Staff College. Such officers are eligible to wear ‘psc’ badge.[1]