Pseudacraea lucretia

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False chief
False chief (Pseudacraea lucretia lucretia) male.jpg
Male P. l. lucretia
Bobiri Forest, Ghana
False chief (Pseudacraea lucretia protracta) female.jpg
Female P. l. protacta
Kakamega Forest, Kenya
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Pseudacraea
Species: P. lucretia
Binomial name
Pseudacraea lucretia
(Cramer, 1775)[1]
  • Papilio lucretia Cramer, 1775
  • Panopea tarquinia Trimen, 1868
  • Papilio sulpitia Fabricius, 1793
  • Panopaea apaturoides Felder & Felder, [1867]
  • Pseudacraea apaturoides
  • Pseudacraea drusilla Saalmüller, 1878
  • Pseudacraea comorana Oberthür, 1890
  • Pseudacraea serena Mabille, 1890
  • Panopea expansa Butler, 1878
  • Pseudacraea delagoae Trimen & Bowker, 1887
  • Panopea heliogenes Butler, 1896
  • Pseudacraea lucretia expansa f. xantha Poulton, 1926
  • Pseudacraea lucretia kenyae Poulton, 1926
  • Pseudacraea lucretia expansa f. particolor Talbot, 1943
  • Pseudacraea gamae Joicey & Talbot, 1927
  • Panopea protracta Butler, 1874
  • Pseudacraea lucretia ab. ramosa Schultze, 1920
  • Pseudacraea lucretia protracta morph pseudolucretia Bernardi, 1965
  • Panopea tarquinea Trimen, 1868
  • Panopea walensensis Sharpe, 1896
  • Pseudacraea lucretia var. expansa ab. eliana Strand, 1911
Male P. l. protacta

Pseudacraea lucretia, the false diadem or false chief, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. It is found in Africa.

The wingspan is 60–72 mm for males and 65–68 mm for females. Adults are on wing year round, with a peak from January to July.[2]

The larvae feed on Mimusops obovata, Mimusops zeheri, Mimusops caffra, Englerophytum magalismontanum, E. natalense and Chrysophyllum viridifolium.


  • Pseudacraea lucretia lucretia (Senegal to Nigeria)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia apaturoides (C. & R. Felder, [1867]) (Madagascar)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia comorana Oberthür, 1890 (Comoro Islands: Anjouan)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia expansa Butler, 1878 (South Africa (Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga) Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, east of the Rift Valley in Tanzania and Kenya)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia gamae Joicey & Talbot, 1927 (São Tomé and Príncipe: Principe)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia karthalae Collins, 1991 (Comoro Islands: Grand Comore Island)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia protracta (Butler, 1874) (Cameroon to Angola, Zaire, Uganda, southern Sudan, western Tanzania, western Kenya)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia tarquinia (Trimen, 1868) (Eastern Cape to northern KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Pseudacraea lucretia walensensis (Sharpe, 1896) (southern Ethiopia)


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