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Pseudonymous Bosch is the pen name of the author of The Secret Series and Bad Magic series of fictional children's books. He has released 8 books. [1]


Bosch had long been suspected to be the author Raphael Simon.[2][3][4] However, this had been disputed by the author.[3][5] On May 8, 2016, however, it was explicitly stated in The New York Times that Bosch is, in fact, named Simon.[6]

The pseudonym plays off that of the artist Hieronymus Bosch.

Though Bosch, in real-life, is openly gay, he has stated that his pseudonymous form is not necessarily gay.[6]


The Secret Series is a pentalogy of novels based on the five senses: Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, and Touch. The narratives of the books are frequently interrupted with short side stories and "secret" information. The main characters of the series are Cassandra (nicknamed Cass), Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji, though those are not their real names. The Series is all about one secret.

Bosch has written a sequel series titled, The Bad Books, centered around Max-Ernest's younger brother, Paul-Clay (he later drops the Paul and desires to be just called Clay) whose hobby is writing graffiti.


The Secret Series[edit]

Main article: The Secret Series

The Bad Books[edit]

  • Bad Magic (2014) centers around a character who was first introduced as Max-Ernest's little brother, Paul Clay, in the Secret Series.
  • Bad Luck (2016)
  • Bad News (March 2017)


  • Write This Book (2013) is a do-it-yourself mystery.

Bosch published Write This Book!, a do it yourself book; he calls it "a book that readers will write for me". Bosch elaborated in an interview with Wired stating that "it is a kind of half-written, guided mystery. Parts of it are going to be multiple choice, choose-your-own adventure, parts of it will be more like Mad Libs, some silly stuff".[7][3] Furthermore, Galleycat for stated that Bosch has since "inked a deal for a new middle grade trilogy".[2]


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