Deconica semiinconspicua

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Deconica semiinconspicua
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Strophariaceae
Genus: Deconica
Species: D. semiinconspicua
Binomial name
Deconica semiinconspicua
(Guzmán & J. M. Trappe) Ram.-Cruz & Guzmán (2012)

Psilocybe semiinconspicua Guzmán & J. M. Trappe (2005)

Deconica semiinconspicua is a mushroom native to the state of Washington in the United States. The mushroom is small, rare, difficult to see and, according to Guzmán and Trappe (2005), stains blue where damaged.[2] However, Ramírez-Cruz et al. (2012) state that it is "without a really observable bluing reaction". [1] It was described as a psychoactive species of Psilocybe in section Semilanceatae, but Ramírez-Cruz et al. (2012) found that its macroscopic and microscopic morphological features and its DNA sequence, which Ramírez-Cruz et al. did not publish, were a better match for Deconica.[1] Ramírez-Cruz et al. (2012) also stated that it is very similar to Deconica montana.[1] It can be mistaken for Psilocybe silvatica and can be distinguished by its more conic cap, narrower spores and narrower cheilocystidia.[2]

This mushroom is only known from the type locality where it was found on July 22nd 1987 at Glacier Peak Wilderness Area in Wentachee National Forest, Washington, USA.[2]



The cap is 7–12 mm and convex, becoming nearly plane in age. It is hygrophanous, has a smooth surface, and is olive black when moist, fading to brownish orange or dark reddish brown as it dries.[2]


The gills are Adnate light grayish brown at first, turning dark purple as the spores mature.[2]


Deconica semiinconspicua spores are 8–10 x 5–7 µm, subovoid to ellipsoid, thick-walled, and yellowish brown to dark purple brown in deposit.[2]


The stipe is 15–20 x 2 mm, hollow, has an equal width, and is white with whitish or brownish floccose scales, drying to a reddish brown. It stains blue near the base according to Guzmán and Trappe (2005).[2] Ramírez-Cruz et al. (2012) state that it is "without a really observable bluing reaction". [1]

Microscopic features[edit]

The basidia of Deconica semiinconspicua have four spores each. The cheilocystidia are sublageniform and 24–30 x 6–8 µm. No pleurocystidia have been observed. Clamp connections are present.


Deconica semiinconspicua is gregarious in small groups among shrubs on a creek bank.[2]


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