Pskem Mountains

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Pskem Mountain Range
Kyrgyz: Пскем тоо кыркасы
Pskem Mountain Range is located in Kyrgyzstan
Pskem Mountain Range
Pskem Mountain Range
Pskem Mountain Range is located in Uzbekistan
Pskem Mountain Range
Pskem Mountain Range
Highest point
Elevation 4,048 m (13,281 ft)
Length 126 km (78 mi) NW-SE [1]
Width 31 km (19 mi) NE-SW [1]
Country Kyrgyzstan
State/Province Jalal-Abad Region
District Toktogul District
Type of rock Composed of granite, schist of Lower Paleozoic

The Pskem Mountain Range (Russian: Пскемский хребет, Pskemskiy Khrebet) or Pishkom Mountains, a range in the west Tien Shan, is a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It extends over 160 km from north-east to south-west in the extreme north-eastern finger of Uzbekistan's Tashkent Region. The range is a water divide between Pskem River to the north and the Sandalysh River, Chatkal River, and Ko'ksu River to the south.[2] The highest elevations are attained in the north-east of the range: Mount Adelung (4,301 m) and Mount Beshtor (4,299 m).[3]

The Pskem River flows through the mountains before reaching Lake Charvak.


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Coordinates: 41°50′N 70°40′E / 41.833°N 70.667°E / 41.833; 70.667