Psophis (mythology)

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In Greek mythology, Psophis was the name of three characters (one male and two female), all of whom were considered possible eponyms for the city of Psophis. They are enlisted in one passage of Pausanias' Description of Greece.[1]



  • Psophis, daughter of Xanthus and granddaughter of Erymanthus (son of Arcas).
  • Psophis, daughter of Eryx, a Sicilian despot. She was made pregnant by Heracles, who then entrusted her to his friend Lycortas, a native of the city of Phegeia (older name for the city of Psophis). She gave birth to two sons, Echephron and Promachus, who were brought up in Phegeia and renamed it Psophis after their mother.

Yet another Psophis, daughter of Lycaon, is mentioned as the possible eponym of the city by Stephanus of Byzantium.[2]


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