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pstree output in FreeBSD

pstree is a Linux command that shows the running processes as a tree. It is used as a more visual alternative to the ps command. The root of the tree is either init or the process with the given pid. It can also be installed in other Unix systems.

In BSD systems, a similar output is created using the ps command with option "-d".


pstree pid

user@host ~$ pstree 1066
         └─{rs:main Q:Reg}

pstree username

user@host ~# pstree username


bash───firefox─┬─6*[{Analysis Helper}]
               ├─{Cache2 I/O}
               ├─{Hang Monitor}
               ├─{JS Watchdog}
               ├─{Link Monitor}
               ├─{Socket Thread}
               ├─{StreamTrans #1}

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