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Opening caption of "Psuko Shel Yom" (פסוקו של יום)

Psuko shel Yom (Hebrew: פסוקו של יום‎‎, Psuqo shel yom, lit. "[The] Verse Of The Day") is an Israeli daily midnight minutes-long program-segment aired on the public Channel 1, reciting selected daily biblical, Midrash or Aggadah verses.

Psuko shel Yom is aired on a daily basis just as the Israeli public channel retires for the night and closes its broadcast. The channel was for many years the only one in Israel, and therefore the program aired just in time before people fell asleep, and it became an Israeli culture-cult segment.

Psuko shel Yom is aired at midnight and has been broadcasting the same platform-content for over thirty years. The TV screen displays the verses with biblical fonts while the reciter (not shown), Mordechai Freidman, reads the selected passage, and while the "Yad" (Torah Pointer) moves through with the verses of the page, at pace with the reciter. A short musical segment, in "biblical" style music, is always played at the beginning and the end of the program. It also became a cultural-cult sound track associated with Psuko shel Yom.

The program has been broadcast every night since November 1969. It was first initiated by Benyamin Zvieli, who was then the manager of the Jewish heritage department in the Israel Broadcasting Authority. He was the reciter, and the secretary of the department, Leah, was responsible for moving the "Yad". After his retirement, he was replaced by Mordechai Freidman as the reciter, who is still the daily reciter as of 2010.

During the 1980s and 1990s, spinoff shows were created based on Psuko shel Yom: Psuko shel Makom (a place's passage), and Agada Shel Makom (a place's Aggadah [lit. legend]), which showed sites in Israel and the related verses and legends.

Psuko Shel Yom Folklore[edit]

Psuko Shel Yom became part of the Israeli Folklore and is mentioned in Israeli media outlets, in many broad related issues, ranging from serious news matters to comedy style issues.

In many people's views, the regular broadcasting of the midnight segment individualizes the broadcasting of the Hebrew public channel 1, and provides a unique Jewish spiciness. It reminds people of the term "Daf Yomi" ("[the] daily page", a daily regimen undertaken to study the Babylonian Talmud), and grants a drop of Judaism to the broad Israeli public, especially the secular one, becoming part of the Jewish heritage.

The midnight short segment has also taken a hit from critics. The broadcasting in a midnight hour is claimed by the critics to be somewhat associated with weariness and sleeping. Also, the regular displayed platform-content that is unchanged, was criticized to be repeatedly old fashioned, and the old-fashioned biblical text with non common Modern Hebrew words - all became a platform for self-humor on daily basis and on comedy writings.

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