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Psunj is located in Croatia
Location of Psunj in Croatia
Highest point
Elevation 984 m (3,228 ft) [1]
Listing List of mountains in Croatia
Coordinates 45°23′03″N 17°20′06″E / 45.38417°N 17.33500°E / 45.38417; 17.33500Coordinates: 45°23′03″N 17°20′06″E / 45.38417°N 17.33500°E / 45.38417; 17.33500
Location Slavonia, Croatia

Psunj is a mountain in the southwestern Slavonia region in eastern Croatia. It is the highest mountain of Slavonia, with the highest peak of Brezovo polje at 984 m.a.s.l.[1] In the north it extends to Ravna gora and Papuk, while otherwise it is surrounded by lowlands. It is located north of Nova Gradiška and southeast of Pakrac.

On Psunj, there is a 128.5 metres tall lattice tower used for FM- and TV-transmission, which was designed by Prof. Marjan Ivancic and built by Mostogradnja in 1962/1963.[2] Originally this tower was completely free-standing. Today it is additionally guyed at its upper section.