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Background information
Origin Belgian Flag Antwerp, Belgium
Genres Trip hop, electropop, electronic rock, electro-industrial, crossover
Years active 2004–present
Labels Alfa Matrix, Sony Soulfood Music Distribution, The Orchard
Associated acts Underworld, Praga Khan, Faithless, Ayria, Implant
twitter @psy_aviah
Members Yves Schelpe (producer/composer),
(frequently recurring members: Emélie Nicolaï, Ben Van de Cruys)
Past members Kristof De Clerck (~2011)

Psy'Aviah is an Industrial rock / Electroclash / Dark EBM band from Antwerp, Belgium. The band took form in 2004 and was mainly focused on playing live. Later that year they won the Studio Brussel Demopoll with The Future Of The Sun. In 2007 they teamed up with Len Lemeire (from Implant/32Crash fame) to record their first album Creationism. 2008 saw the signing to the Alfa Matrix record label and the release of a new album, featurings and remixes.

After the release of their album Entertainment Industries in 2008 Psy'Aviah performed on festivals such as BIMFest 2008, Waregem Expo Gothic Festival 2009, VK Concerts (support Subsonica), Hof Ter Lo (support Emilie Autumn), etc..

The Psy'Aviah videoclip for their single "Moments (feat. Suzi Q. Smith)" got banned in 2009 by YouTube which spawned a reaction of disbelief and disapproval towards YouTube in both the press and in online communities.

2010 brought the third album of Psy'Aviah entitled Eclectric, produced by band member Yves Schelpe and mastered by Geert de Wilde of IC 434 in Antwerp. Their third album contained a mix of electric eclecticism, showcasing varying styles while retaining a constant hint of darkness. They invited guests such as Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242 fame to sing on the track Ophélie, and Jennifer Parkin of Ayria who guested on the track Into The Game.

The album Introspection / Extrospection is the band's latest and was released November 25, 2011. It again features a wild range of styles as on Eclectric, and includes a track with Swedish model and ex-Ashbury Heights singer Kari Berg, Dutch singer Lis van den Akker from Dutch act Misery as well as Belgian MC's MC Dééjoohcéé & Thomas C. Beerten. The album is their third to be released on Alfa Matrix records. The first single Ok (including the remix by M.I.K.E.) and the track SOS Overdose attracted a great deal of attention before the album was actually released.

In 2012 A follow up to the album Introspection / Extrospection was released in the form of a DJ-EP Ok / Virtual Gods DJEP with remixes by NUDE, Jan Vervloet. The EP included a cappella versions and dub version of the songs. Before the release the Jan Vervloet remix of the track Ok leaked out and was already being played in various dj sets and podcasts, among others in the one by Johan Gielen. Concertwise the band play at venues Nijdrop for the Pluto Festival and at Ancienne Belgique as support for Praga Khan.

The year 2013 brought the band to the classic venues Nijdrop for the audio visual Pluto Festival and at Ancienne Belgique as support for Praga Khan's special 25-year anniversary concert. Meanwhile they've also released the Future Past Mini Album / EP which featured guest vocals by Kyoko Baertsoen, the founder of act Lunascape (band) and former member of Hooverphonic. The Future Past mini album spawned two music videos for the tracks "Circles" and "Letting Go", the latter one hand-drawn, animated and directed by Emily Weeks.

2014 saw Psy'Aviah return to its core, with founder and producer Yves Schelpe writing and producing the tracks for the album The Xenogamous Endeavour. An album with guest vocals on all tracks, from the likes of Kyoko Baertsoen, Mari Kattman, Miss FD, Suzi Q. Smith, Lisa Nascimento, Lis van den Akker and more...!

Live Performances[edit]

The band has played several festivals and clubs during the years, including Nijdrop club, Trix/Hof Ter Lo, Vaartkapoen and Ancienne Belgique. They also did support for bands as Praga Khan, Subsonica, Emilie Autumn, etc..



EPs & Mini Albums[edit]

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Psy'Aviah has won Studio Brussel's demopoll in 2003. They were also nominated for BBC's The Next Big Thing in 2007 with the track "Moments feat. Suzi Q. Smith". In 2012 they wee nominated for two Hollywood Music In Media Awards: "Ok" (as pop) and "Virtual Gods" (as alternative).

Licensing for Television and Advertisements[edit]


From 2014 to 2016 then the song "Our Common Future" feat. Kyoko Baertsoen was used for several episodes of tv series De Ridder (televisieserie) starring Clara Cleymans (nl). It was audible in episode 11 of season 2 and episodes 1, 4 and 8 of season 3 - as aired on national TV station "Eén" of VRT.


Psy'Aviah's track "Tired" was chosen in 2007 by Microsoft to assist in the launch of Windows 7 and their focus on music. The same track was also used in the Dexia "Action Banner Concerts" (video: Banner Concert "Tired" ) campaign.


Urban Sharing Experiment[edit]

In 2012 Psy'Aviah started the Urban Sharing Experiment project. By hanging and placing packages with mysterious writing and their cds inside everywhere in the city of Antwerp, Belgium in April and May 2012. By doing this, they wanted to break people's daily routine. The main philosophy behind the project is that people should be more aware of their surroundings. The band made videos on YouTube showing how they went about it, and an article on their website explaining their motivation.


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