Psy 4 de la Rime

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Psy 4 de la Rime
Also known asKDB (Kid Dog Black) (original name)
OriginMarseille, France
GenresRap, urban music
Years active2001-2015
Labels361 Records
Past membersSegnor Alonzo
Don Vincenzo
DJ Sya Styles

Psy 4 de la Rime (French pronunciation: ​[psi kat(ʁ) də la ʁim]) are a French hip hop band formed 1992 in Marseille comprising several rappers with immigrant backgrounds from former French colonies. Their original name was KDB, Kid Dog Black. The band was signed to 361 Records, a Marseille-based independent label founded by fellow rapper Akhenaton. The group had three albums, the debut Block Party (2002), Enfants de la lune (2005) and Les cités d'or (2008). After split, members particularly Soprano and Alonzo went on to have very successful solo careers with their own albums and single hits. The formation got together in 2013 to release a fourth album called 4eme Dimension that made to number 3 on the French Albums Chart.

Solo careers of members[edit]

Even before the split-up, some of the individual rappers in the band have continued their solo careers.

  • Most notable of them was Soprano who had already released a solo album while in the band titled Puisqu'il faut vivre that had made it to #2 in the SNEP French Albums Chart. His album La Colombe released in 2010 has even topped the French Albums Chart, with the follow-up 2011 album Le Corbeau making to number 3 on the same chart. In 2012 he had a joint album with R.E.D.K. titled E=2MC's making it to number 6 and a solo album Cosmopolitanie reaching number 2 in 2014. Soprano has had ten singles reach the Top 20 of the French Singles charts, including "Cosmo", "Fresh Prince", and "Le Diable ne s'habille plus en Prada" cracking the Top 10.
  • In similar fashion, Segnor Alonzo has continued to enjoy a good career under the shortened name Alonzo releasing three albums of his own starting with his 2009 solo album Un dernier coup d'oeil dans le rétroviseur immediately after the split-up followed by the successful and critically acclaimed Les temps modernes in 2010, Amour, gloire & cité in 2012 making it to umber 9 and the hugely successful Règlement de comptes reaching number 2 in the French Albums Chart.
  • Sya Styles continued to collaborate in a number of productions including with IAM, Freeman and DJ Abdel. On 26 October 2015, DJ Sya Styles, the DJ of the formation died of illness. He was 37.[1]Soprano said it would be impossible to release an "Psy4 with 3 members" album, meaning an album without Sya Styles.



Year Albums Charts Certification


2002 Block Party 7
2005 Enfants de la lune 3 50 78
2008 Les cités d'or 1 10 21
2013 4eme dimension 3 179 6 31
Live albums
Year Albums Charts Certification

2002 Autour des cités d'or - Live au Dôme de Marseille 52 45


Year Singles Charts Certification Album
2002 "Le son des bandits" (feat. Saleem) 34 Block Party
"Block Party" 91
2003 "La vengeance aux deux visages" 40
"Sale bête (Live)" 70
From a live performance
2005 "Le monde est..." 44 Enfants de la lune
2006 "Enfants de la lune" (feat. Ana Torroja) 43
"Effet de style, effet de mode" 70
2013 "Crise de nerfs" 48 4ème Dimension
"Le retour des blocks" 175
"Visage de la honte" 48
"Le temps d'un instant" 63
"Follow Me" 26


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