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Psycho+Logical-Records logo2.png
FoundedNovember 1999
Distributor(s)Landspeed Distribution (2000–2001), Select-O-Hits (2001–2007) E1 Music (2007–2009), Fontana Distribution (2009–2012), INgrooves (2012–present)
GenreHip hop, death rap, hip hop metal
Country of originUnited States
LocationNew York City

Psycho+Logical-Records is an independent record label based in New York City. Founded in 1999 by rapper and producer Necro, its first release was Necro's debut I Need Drugs. It went on to release notable albums by hip hop artists such as the debut solo albums of Ill Bill, Sabac Red, & Goretex of Non Phixion, as well as Mr. Hyde. Releases are distributed on CD & digitally through formats such as iTunes, and several albums and singles have been released on 12" vinyl as well. Among the label's current artists are Necro and Mr Hyde, and the label as of 2014 has released 42 albums. [1]


1999-01: Founding, first releases[edit]

Psycho+Logical-Records is a record label owned by rapper Necro, and operating in New York City. Psycho+Logical-Records started off in November 1999 as a means through which Necro could release his debut album, I Need Drugs, in 2000. The label was named after the concept that it is logical for acts to be psychotic. Before selling the album online, he would sell hard-copies to fans at shows and on the streets. According to Necro, at one point in 1999 he had around 100 international fans selling the CDs he'd personally pressed, writing that "they would sell it for $13, and give me $8 a CD, and keep $5 a CD." He states he was first inspired to sell records this way by reading interviews with Master P.[1]

I Need Drugs officially was released in stores in 2000, and afterwards Necro signed a deal for both the Psycho+Logical imprint and the album with Landspeed Distribution. The original $125,000 contract was downsized after Landspeed claimed they were low on funds, and the album received less promotion than originally planned. To help compensate, Necro writes that he gave "1,000's of I Need Drugs sampler cassettes" to fans for free, often mailing them as a promotion.[1]

I Need Drugs was followed by his 2000 album Instrumentals Vol. 1, and the following year he released the compilation album The Early Years: Rare Demos '91–'94 by his collaborator and brother Ill Bill. The Early Years: Rare Demos '91–'94 is the first rarities released under Psycho+Logical-Records. Featured guests on the compilation include Non Phixion and Circle of Tyrants member Goretex. These tracks where recorded between 1991 and 1994.[2][3] Necro went on to release several more albums in 2001, including Gory Days with Select-O-Hits as a distributor. The label has a long history of releasing instrumental albums to accompany major studio releases, such as Gory Days Instrumentals in 2003.

2003–09: Increased output[edit]

The first wave of albums released on Necro's label were entirely produced by Necro himself. This includes the debut solo albums of Non Phixion members Ill Bill, Sabac Red and Goretex after he already produced 7 songs for Non Phixion's debut album The Future Is Now in 2002 and Non Phixion's The Green CD in 2004, and two albums for label member Mr Hyde.[4][5] "What's Wrong with Bill?" is Ill Bill's debut studio album, released on March 2, 2004, by Psycho+Logical.[6] The album spawned one single, "The Anatomy of a School Shooting", and a music video for "Chasing the Dragon". Necro produced the entire album.[6][7] The label has also previously worked with groups such as Non Phixion (Goretex, ill Bill, Sabac Red), with whom Necro formed the supergroup Secret Society and released an album on the label.

Circle of Tyrants was an underground hip hop group signed to the label consisting of Necro, Ill BIll, Mr Hyde and Goretex. The group only released one album, named "The Circle of Tyrants" which was released in 2005.[8][9] Necro produced all tracks on this album.[9][10] Goretex released several albums on Psycho-Logical but left after being kicked out of Non Phixion. After the group disbanded, other members went on to release solo projects, several on Psycho-Logical as well.[citation needed]

Q-Unique was associated with the label for a time,[citation needed] as was the rapper Nems, who was originally going to release Prezident's Day on the label, but eventually released it under Creative Juices as Necro was having difficulties with E1 Music at the time.[citation needed]

2010–14: Recent years[edit]

Recent albums include The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP by Necro, released in August 2012 and featuring the appearance of Kool G Rap.[11] Necro had a collaboration on the label with The Godfathers and Kool G Rap in 2013. As of 2014 the major artists associated with the label include Mr. Hyde and Necro.


The label has a history of using several distributors, first with Landspeed Distribution for the first year, and then E1 Music and Fontana Distribution. In 2012 the label became associated with the distribution INgrooves. As of 2014 the entire Psycho+Logical-Records catalog is available on iTunes listed under Necro, as well as 300 other national and international digital outlets. CD and vinyl prints of several releases can be obtained via stores.





Selected releases for Psycho+Logical-Records
Yr Cat. # Release title Artist(s) Format
2000 PSR0001 I Need Drugs Necro CD
2001 Instrumentals Vol. 1 Necro CD
PLR0007 The Early Years: Rare Demos '91–'94 Ill Bill CD
PSL0008 Gory Days Necro CD
PSR0009 Rare Demos and Freestyles Vol. 1 Necro CD
PSR0010 Rare Demos and Freestyles Vol. 2 Necro CD
2003 PLR0011 Gory Days Instrumentals Necro CD
Street Villains Vol. 1 Necro and Ill Bill CD
PLR0013 Rare Demos & Freestyles Vol. 3 Necro CD
PLR0014 Necro LP
PLR0015 Brutality Part 1 Necro CD
PLR0016 Necro LP
2004 PLR0020 What's Wrong with Bill? Ill Bill CD
PLR0021 LP
PLR0023 Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' Come Sabac Red CD
PLR0024 LP
PLR0026 Barn of the Naked Dead Mr. Hyde CD
PLR0027 LP
PLR0033 The Pre-Fix for Death Necro CD
PLR0034 Necro LP
PLR0036 The Art of Dying Goretex CD
PLR0037 LP
2005 PLR0038 Street Villains Vol. 2 Necro and Ill Bill CD
PLR0039 The Pre-Fix for Death Instrumentals Necro CD
PLR0040 What's Wrong with Bill? Instrumentals Ill Bill CD
PLR0041 The Art of Dying Instrumentals Goretex CD
PLR0042 Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' Come Instrumentals Sabac Red CD
PLR0043 Barn of the Naked Dead Instrumentals Mr. Hyde CD
PLR0044 Brutality Part 1 Instrumentals Necro CD
PLR0045 The Sexorcist Necro CD
PLR0046 The Circle of Tyrants The Circle of Tyrants CD
2007 PLR0047 Rare Demos and Freestyles Mr. Hyde CD
PLR0048 Death Rap Necro CD
2008 PLR0049 Chronicles of the Beast Man Mr. Hyde CD
PLR0050 The Sexorcist: Special Edition CD/DVD Necro CD
PLR0051 Real Soldierz Ride CD/DVD Riviera Regime CD, DVD
PLR0052 The Ritual Sabac Red CD, DVD
Death Rap Instrumentals Necro CD
2010 PLR0060 Die! Necro CD
Die Instrumentals Necro CD
Die Acapellas[12] Necro CD
2011 The Pre-Kill, Vol. 1 The Godfathers CD
2012 The Pre-Kill, Vol. 2 The Godfathers CD
2012 PLR0066 Murder Murder Kill Kill EP Necro CD
Murder Murder Kill Kill EP Instrumentals Necro CD
Murder Murder Kill Kill EP Acapellas Necro CD
Metal Hip-Hop[13] Necro CD
The Pre-Fix For Death Acapellas[14] Necro CD
Problemz Missin' Linx LP

12" singles[edit]

12" vinyl singles by Psycho+Logical-Records
Year Title Primary artist Album Format
1999 "Gangsta Rap" Ill Bill 12" vinyl
"The Most Sadistic" Necro I Need Drugs 12" vinyl
2001 "Morbid" Gory Days 12" vinyl, PLR0005
"Bury You with Satan" 12" vinyl, PLR0009
2003 "Fire" Brutality Part 1 12" vinyl
2004 "The Anatomy of a School Shooting" Ill Bill What's Wrong with Bill? 12" vinyl
"Get on Your Knees" Necro 12" vinyl
"Organize" Sabac Red 12" vinyl

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