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Psycho Active
Studio album by X-Raided
Released April 16, 1992
Recorded 1991-1992
Genre Gangsta rap
Length 42:24
Label Black Market Records
Producer X-Raided, Brotha Lynch Hung, Ced Singleton
X-Raided chronology
Psycho Active

Psycho Active is the debut solo album by Sacramento rapper, X-Raided, released April 16, 1992 through Black Market Records. Most of the lyrics contain themes of violence, alcohol/marijuana use and depict gang-life. He was only 16 when he finished his first recording, an underground project called Niggas In Blacc with Sacramento rappers Brotha Lynch Hung and Sicx, and he was signed within a year to a local major label in Sacramento, California (Black Market Records). With his first solo work, Psycho Active in 1992, he had created a huge local buzz in the city of Sacramento that a gifted new rapper was claiming the Garden Blocc Crips as his gang affiliation.[1]


He has stated that Psycho Active was recorded during a deadly conflict between the 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips and the Meadowview Bloods so the lyrics are very hard and violent because it was his state of mind at the time. The day before the LP's release, X-Raided was arrested by Sacramento P.D. for the murder of Patricia Harris, the mother of two Meadowview Bloods' members. Four other gang-members were also arrested for their involvement. The Crips' were allegedly looking for the two brothers for revenge, as they had earlier killed J-Dogg, a Garden Blocc Crip member.[1]

The cover of "Psycho Active" shows Brown’s face with a .38-caliber handgun pressed to his temple. There was talk that some of the songs ('Still Shooting' in particular) actually referred back to the murder (Lyrics written by X-Raided in the song 'Still Shooting' said "I'm killin' moms, daddys and nephews. I'm killin' sons, daughters and sparin' you"). Second, police maintained that the gun which he had pointed to his head on the album cover was the actual murder weapon although the weapon was never retrieved. Anerae Brown and the 4 other Crip gang members were arrested in 1992. X-Raided now says he did not testify about what really happened the night of the Harris murder because he adhered to a code of silence. “I could have testified and gone home,” the rapper said. “But I kept it real.” He says he was present at the attack but did not pull the trigger.[1] [2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by X-Raided, except where noted.

1."Tha Murder" (Intro)Brotha Lynch Hung0:20
2."Still Shooting" 4:14
3."Call tha Guardz" 3:19
4."Who's tha Hoe?" 2:40
5."Crazy Than a Mutha Fuck" 3:30
6."Every Single Bitch" 4:36
7."Fuckin' Wit a Psycho" 6:00
8."Bitch Killa" 3:52
9."Everybody Killa" 1:01
10."Shootcha in a Minute" 4:56
11."That's How My Trigga Went" (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Sicx)Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx2:11
12."That Sickness" (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Big-O, Kaos, CYCO) 5:54
Total length:42:24


  • "Still Shooting"
    • Muddy Waters - Tom Cat
    • Quincy Jones - Listen (What It Is)
  • "Call Tha Guardz"
    • Parliament - Atomic Dog
  • "Who's The Hoe?"
    • Rick James - Hard To Get
    • Parliament - Atomic Dog
  • "Crazy Than A Mutha Fuck"*
    • The Temptations - Masterpiece
  • "Every Single Bitch"
    • Mtume - Hip Dip Skippedabeat
    • Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce
  • "Fuckin' Wit A Psycho"
    • Grandmaster Flash - The Message
    • Rufus Thomas - Breakdown Part. 1
    • Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby
    • Grover Washington, Jr. - Knucklehead
    • N.W.A - Gangsta Gangsta
    • Ice Cube - Once Upon a Time in the Projects
  • "Bitch Killa"
    • Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing
    • Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
  • "Everybody Killa"
    • Grover Washington, Jr. - Hydra
  • "Shoot Cha In A Minute"
    • Isaac Hayes - No Name Bar
    • Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues
  • "That's How My Trigga Went"
    • LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
  • "That Siccness"
    • Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce
    • Marvin Gaye - "T" Stands For Trouble
    • Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool
    • Yvonne Fair - Let Your Hair Down