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Psycho Tamil Poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMysskin
Produced byArun Mozhi Manickam
Written byMysskin
Music byIlaiyaraaja
CinematographyTanvir Mir
Double Meaning Production
Release date
  • 24 January 2020 (2020-01-24)

Psycho is a 2020 Indian Tamil language psychological thriller film written and directed by Mysskin. The film's music was composed by Ilaiyaraja.[1][2][3] The film was produced by Arun Mozhi Manickam under Double Meaning Production. The film will feature Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aditi Rao Hydari, Nithya Menen, Ram, Rajkumar Pitchumani in his debut and Shaji Chen. Production began in September 2018 and the film released worldwide on 24 January 2020.



The movie opens with the psycho beheading a woman. Gautham (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a blind musician, is in love with a radio jockey, Dahini (Aditi Rao Hydari). After multiple attempts by Gautham, Dahini finally understands his true love and asks him to meet her at a place she will be talking about in her radio session. Gautham listens to the radio all day and manages to find the place which is a train subway. Dahini hopefully waiting for him, sees the psycho-killer all of a sudden. She feels afraid and tries to escape but he manages to sedate her.

Gautham reaches the place in time but fails to save her due to his blindness. However, using his sense of smell, he realises that something is wrong. The psycho later spares Gautham's life and takes Dahini to his secret lair. The next day, the police go to Gautham and extract information from him. A total of 14 girls were abducted, 13 of whom got murdered, and the recently kidnapped Dahini. Gautham soon realises that the police cannot find anything and he decides to seek out and save Dahini, on his own terms. The psycho is about to behead Dahini but he notices that there is no sense of fear in her. He asks her for the reason to which she replies that, Gautham will find her within a week, regardless of her death and that the psychopath will be answering for his crimes soon. The psycho leaves her chained to a wall and accepts that as a challenge. Gautham uses various methods to find the killer with the help of Kamala (Nithya Menen) a handicapped ex-police officer, who was previously dealing with the case. Together, they both deduce that the psycho must be a rich man who owns pig farms using the smell from the decayed bodies of the murdered girls. Realising that Gautham is getting closer to him, the psycho goes on a killing spree. Gautham, Kamala and their associates all visit and enquire the owners of pig farms in the area, but they have failed in their attempts. Depressed, Gautham goes to his house and stays there alone. The psycho visits him and Gautham acknowledges his presence. However, Gautham's friend, Raganayakam defends him and tries to chase down the psycho in his car.

Unfortuntely, the psycho hides himself in a dense area of tall grass and finally manages to kill Raganayakam. The next day, Gautham mourns over the death of his friend and plans to drop his plan due to a large number of people's death. Later, Kamala reveals that she had prior notice that the killer had gone to a school function. With regained hope, they all go back to the school and look at the recordings during that day. They manage to find someone suspicious but his face got blurred. However, they notice a school staff sitting beside him.

Using relevant information from him, they manage to find the killer. In the meantime, Dahini manages to go around the psycho's lair and sees a jailed woman and a dead police corpse. She reveals to her that the psycho was her former student at an orphanage and that she used to beat him 60 times, everyday, for all 365 days in a year, even for the slightest mistake.Around 11:45 pm,Gautham reaches the psychos lair.The psycho is about to behead dahini when the intruder alarms go off. The enraged psycho runs to kill Gautham but eventually Gautham manages to cuff the psychos leg.Gautham later runs and rescues dahini.They both manage to run away.

However, the psycho begs out "Teacher,please don't leave me alone here."Dahini who sees the light in him places the keys to the cuff a few metres infront of him.Later, They both escape together with Kamala.The psycho is about to take the key but the imprisoned teacher takes and swallows the key, trying to punish him.The psycho infuriates and tears her stomach to get the key.He later releases himself and runs to find them both. Fortunately, they both leave and he screams as he fails. Later on,Dahini when questioned by the press, refuses to consider him a killer but understands his innocent heart filled with pain and if was his mother or sister, she would have cared for him so that he wouldn't have become the killer that he was.The psycho sees the interview and realises his mistakes after finally feeling loved by someone. The movie ends of with the psycho falling off a cliff with a smile on his face with the song 'Thai Madiyil'(Mothers Affection)

According to Mysskin, the film is inspired from a Buddhist tale on Aṅgulimāla, an important figure in the religion.[4]


Mysskin decided to cast Udhayanidhi Stalin in the lead role.[5][6] Under the banner of Arun Mozhi Manickam's Double Meaning Productions, Mysskin finalised a cast of Aditi Rao Hydari, Nithya Menon, Rajkumar Pitchumani and Ram, while Ilaiyaraaja who worked on director's Nandalala and Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum was signed as music composer.[7][8][9] The shoot of the film began in early September 2018, with a first look promotional poster released later that month revealing the title of the project to be Psycho.[10] A second schedule of the film was completed in early December 2018 after being shot in hill-towns across Tamil Nadu.[11]

In a turn of events, P. C. Sreeram was replaced by his assistant, Tanvir Mir as the film's cinematographer, while Sreeram further mentioning that Tanvir will be credited as the film's cinematographer.[12]


Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSony Music India
Singles from Psycho
  1. "Unna Nenachu"
    Released: 18 November 2019

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, collaborating with actor Udhayanidhi for the first time and director Mysskin for the third time. The audio rights was secured by Sony Music India.[13]

The film's first single, titled Unna Nenachu which is sung by Sid Sriram (on his first collaboration with Ilaiyaraaja) and lyrics by Kabilan was released by director Vetrimaaran on 18th November 2019.[14][15]

1."Unna Nenachu"KabilanSid Sriram4:36
2."Neenga Mudiyuma"KabilanSid Sriram4:37
3."Thai Madiyil"MysskinKailash Kher5:05
Total length:14:18


The teaser was released on 25 October 2019 by director Mani Ratnam. The 70 second teaser reveals that the film is a murder mystery and Udhayanidhi plays a blind man in the film.[16][17]

The film's trailer was released on 8th January 2020.

Earlier the producer announced that the film will be releasing worldwide on 27 December 2019, but they decided to release the film on 24 January 2020 instead in order to increase screen counts and for wider pan-Indian reach of the film.[18]


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