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Also known as The Psychonauts
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Trip hop
Years active 1998–present
Labels Mo' Wax, International DeeJay Gigolo Records
Members Pablo Clement
Paul Mogg

Psychonauts, also known as The Psychonauts, are a British music duo. They consist of Pablo Clement and Paul Mogg.[1] The two met in Somerset, UK, while "digging through crates at the local record store".[1] Clement is also a member of James Lavelle's Unkle project.[1]


In 1998, Psychonauts released a mix album, Time Machine, on Mo' Wax.[2] In 2015, Fact placed it at number 35 on the "50 Best Trip-Hop Albums of All Time" list.[2]

In 2003, the duo released their first studio album, Songs for Creatures, on International DeeJay Gigolo Records.[3] John Bush of AllMusic gave the album 4 stars out of 5, calling it "one of the best records to appear from a former Mo' Wax act in several years."[4] Neesh Asghar of The Guardian described it as "a gorgeous record showcasing cinematic soundscapes and seductive ethereal ambience alongside pastoral folk-pop songs and electro disco."[5] The album was re-released in 2010.[6] In a review of the album's reissue, Matthew Bennett of Clash called it "a complete dance album that's rarely been surpassed in the last six years."[7]


Studio albums

Mix albums


  • "Hot Blood / Invading Space (Outer Descent)" (1999, Mo Wax)
  • "Fear Is Real / Hips for Scotland" (2003, International DeeJay Gigolo Records)
  • "World Keeps Turning" (2004, International DeeJay Gigolo Records)
  • "Take Control" (2010, International DeeJay Gigolo Records)


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