Psychrolutes microporos

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Psychrolutes microporos
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Scorpaeniformes
Suborder: Cottoidei
Family: Psychrolutidae
Genus: Psychrolutes
Species: P. microporos
Binomial name
Psychrolutes microporos
J. S. Nelson, 1995 [1]

Psychrolutes microporos is a species of deepwater marine fish in the family Psychrolutidae, commonly known as a blobfish or fathead. It is found in the abyssal zone in waters around Australia and New Zealand.


A specimen of Psychrolutes microporos was trawled by the RV James Cook in 1983 and described by Joseph Nelson in 1995. The holotype is in the Museum of New Zealand.[2] Another specimen was collected at a depth of 980m (3000ft) off the coast of New Zealand.[3] Another specimen was collected in 2007 in the Tasman Sea at a depth of 1200m (3700ft).


Psychrolutes microporos is a whitish colour and is flattened laterally. It has a wide mouth and a short, fleshy proboscis.[4]


Psychrolutes microporos is found in the abyssal depths between the Australian mainland and Tasmania.[5] In the month-long NORFANZ Expedition of 2003 which was examining the biodiversity of the seamounts and slopes of the Norfolk Ridge, two specimens averaging 1.7kg (4lb), were collected from a single location and none from elsewhere.[6]


The texture of Psychrolutes microporos's body is gelatinous, which enables it to withstand the great pressures at the depths where it lives. Little is known of its behaviour because of the difficulty of observing it in its natural habitat.[5] It is thought to be an ambush predator, consuming anything edible that comes within its reach.[4]


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