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For the Genre, see Speedcore.

Psycore was a Swedish heavy metal group formed in Gothenburg in 1996. The band consisted of vocalist Markus Jaan, guitarist Carlos Sepulveda, bass guitarist Hansi Baumgartner and drummer Hans Wilholm. Psycore disbanded after the second album I'm Not One of Us. The specific time of disbandment is unknown.

After break-up[edit]

  • After break-up band members Markus Jaan and Carlos Sepulveda founded a heavy metal group called Sweden's Finest. This band also disbanded after releasing two albums.
  • Sepulveda and Jaan then created the alternative electronica group Mikrotone, featuring Freddie Wadling. Again, a short lived project with only one release entitled Spraylove.
  • Sepulveda also founded the studio Belly of the Whale in order to record and produce these projects.
  • Sepulveda has also started a new project in 2009 called Magellan Radio.

In 2014 Sepulveda became a member and producer of the legendary The Leather Nun.


  • 1998: Your Problem
  • 1999: I’m Not One of Us
  • 1997: I Go Solo (7") (came as a give-away with Close Up Magazine No. 26)
  • 1997: Future is Fact
  • 1998: "Medication"
  • 1998: "I Go Solo"
  • 1998: "Fullblood Freak"
  • 1999: "The Zoo"
  • 1998: Dedicated Enemy (the Dot Remixes)

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