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Front façade of Ptghnavank.
Ptghnavank is located in Armenia
Shown within Armenia
Basic information
Location Ptghni, Kotayk Province,
Geographic coordinates 40°15′24″N 44°35′06″E / 40.2567°N 44.5850°E / 40.2567; 44.5850Coordinates: 40°15′24″N 44°35′06″E / 40.2567°N 44.5850°E / 40.2567; 44.5850
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Architectural description
Architectural type Domed single-nave church
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 6th or 7th century
Dome(s) 1 (collapsed)

Ptghnavank (Armenian: Պտղնավանք) or Ptghni Church (Armenian:Պտղնի Եկեղեցի) is located in the village of Ptghni in the Kotayk Province of Armenia.


The church is a domed single-nave basilica type completed in the 6th or 7th century. Presently, the only surviving parts of the church are most of the north wall, part of the south wall with one of the four impost arches of the dome, and some traces of the vaulting. The cupola and ceiling vaults, drum, and dome have since collapsed.

The church is noteworthy for its relief sculpture. Around the window casings, vegetal and geometric patterns may be found. Some restoration work had been done to the church in 1940.



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