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Ptolemy-el-Garib (Arabic, more correctly al-gharīb, "Ptolemy the foreigner," explained as meaning "Ptolemy the unknown") was a Hellenistic pinacographer, probably of the Peripatetic school, who wrote a Life of Aristotle notable for its catalog of Aristotle's works. This work survives in an Arabic manuscript in Istanbul.[1]

Historical context[edit]

The excerpts known prior to this discovery were collected in Ingemar Düring's Aristotle in the Ancient Biographical Tradition (Göteborg 1957), pp. 221-231.

Marian Plezia has cast doubt on the idea that Ptolemy-el-Garib's Life was an important source of later Neoplatonic lives of Aristotle.


  1. ^ Gottschalk 1990 reported that an edition was in preparation by Marian Plezia and Józef Bielawski. Plezia died in 1996, Bielawski in 1997. A transcription of the Ms. Ayasofia 4833 fol. 10b-11a, 14b-18a (with the Catalogue of Aristotle's works) is now available in: Christel Hein, Definition und Einteilung der Philosophie. Von der spätantiken Einleitungsliteratur zur arabischen Enzyklopädie, New York: Peter Lang, 1985, pp. 415-439).


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Further reading[edit]

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