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Ptsich River.jpg
Country Belarus
Physical characteristics
Main source Pyetrykawski Rayon, Belarus
River mouth Pripyat River
Length 421 km (262 mi)[1]
Basin features
Basin size 9,470 km2 (3,660 sq mi)[1]

The Ptsich, or Pcič[2] (Belarusian: Пціч, [ptsʲitʂ]) is a river in Eastern Europe, of approximately 421 km (262 mi) length.[1] It flows south through Belarus, taking its source near Minsk, and draining into the Pripyat, being its left tributary.

Its biggest tributary is Aresa.


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Coordinates: 52°09′N 28°52′E / 52.150°N 28.867°E / 52.150; 28.867