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PU, Pu, or pu may refer to:

People and names[edit]



In India[edit]

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Science and technology[edit]

  • Plutonium, a chemical element, symbol Pu
  • Processing unit, an electronic circuit that performs operations on some external data source
  • Polyurethane, a common type of plastic
  • pu, a label in the per-unit system of power systems analysis
  • PU learning, a collection of semisupervised techniques in machine learning
  • PU leather or bicast leather, a material made with split leather and polyurethane
  • PU resistor, a pull-up resistor
  • PU scope, a sniper scope of Soviet origin

Religion or philosophy[edit]

  • Pu (Taoism), early Taoist metaphor for the natural state of humanity

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