Minister of Diaspora Affairs

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Minister of Diaspora Affairs
משרד התפוצות
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The Minister of Diaspora Affairs is a post in the Israeli cabinet. The portfolio has gone under several different names and was combined with the Jerusalem portfolio between 2013 and 2015. Between June and November 2005 there was also a Deputy Minister.

The combination of the portfolios of Diaspora relations emphasized the role of the ministry as one of a number of leading spokespersons for the Israeli government abroad, albeit more directly to the Jewish diaspora in comparison to the general state-to-state diplomacy of the Foreign Minister.

List of portfolio holders[edit]

# Minister Party Governments Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Social and Diaspora Affairs
1 Michael Melchior One Israel 28 5 August 1999 7 March 2001
2 Natan Sharansky Likud 30 3 March 2003 4 May 2006
Minister of Diaspora, Society and the Fight Against Antisemitism
3 Isaac Herzog Labor Party 31 21 March 2007 31 March 2009
Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs
4 Yuli-Yoel Edelstein Likud 32 31 March 2009 18 March 2013
Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs
5 Benjamin Netanyahu Likud 33 18 March 2013 29 April 2013 Serving Prime Minister
6 Naftali Bennett The Jewish Home 33, 34 29 April 2013 1 June 2015
Minister of Diaspora Affairs
Naftali Bennett The Jewish Home 33, 34 1 June 2015

Deputy ministers[edit]

# Minister Party Governments Term start Term end
1 Michael Melchior Meimad 30 20 June 2005 23 November 2005