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Finance and Expenditure Committee

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The Finance and Expenditure Committee (known as the Public Accounts Committee until 1962, and as the Public Expenditure Committee, from 1962) is a committee of the Parliament of New Zealand, responsible for matters relating to the audit of the financial statements of the Government and departments, Government finance, revenue, and taxation. The committee is chaired by Paul Goldsmith.[1]

Following a reform of the former Public Accounts Committee in 1962, the Public Expenditure Committee was established and became the most influential parliamentary committee in New Zealand, establishing "a strong reputation for itself, principally because it enjoyed powers of investigation not granted to other committees and because it attracted able and ambitious members. It was the only committee able to set up its own inquiries (without reference from the House), had subcommittees chaired by opposition members, and enjoyed the support of staff from the Legislative department (now the Office of the Clerk) as well as the Audit Office."[2]


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