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The Public Land Corps (PLC) is a work and education program for young people that is run by the United States National Park Service (NPS) in association with state conservation and service corps. The objective is the rehabilitation and restoration of public land resources and infrastructure. The Public Land Corps was authorized by the National and Community Service Trust Act on May 27, 1993, H.R. 2328.

The state organizations recruit young Americans between ages 16 to 25 to join the Public Land Corps. The Corps offers

  • meaningful, full-time, productive work in a natural or cultural resource setting;
  • a mix of work experience, basic and life skills, education, training and support services; and
  • the opportunity to develop citizenship values and skills through service to their community and the United States.

Participants repair or construct parks trails, removing invasive species, restore historic buildings, and conduct other projects.

Participating conservation and service corps[edit]


  • Student Conservation Association[1]


  • Serve Alaska Youth Corps[2]


  • Coconino Rural Environment Corps[3]
  • Southwest Conservation Corps[4]


  • California Conservation Corps[5]
  • Conservation Corps North Bay
  • Los Angeles Conservation Corps[6]


  • Colorado Range Rider Youth Corps[7]
  • Southwest Conservation Corps[4]
  • Western Colorado Conservation Corps
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps[8]


  • Maine Conservation Corps[9]



  • Minnesota Conservation Corps[10]


  • Nevada Conservation Corps[11]


  • Northwest Youth Corps[12]


  • Texas Conservation Corps at American YouthWorks


  • Utah Conservation Corps[13]


  • Vermont Youth Conservation Corps[14]


  • EarthCorps
  • Washington Conservation Corps, Department of Ecology
  • Washington Conservation Corps, Department of Natural Resources[15]

West Virginia

  • Citizens Conservation Corps of West Virginia[16]
  • Appalachian Forest Heritage Area


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