Public Sector Internal Identity Federation

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Public Sector Internal Identity Federation, or PSIIF, is an IT service developed by the British government.


PSIIF is an identity federation service, to allow civil servants and other public-sector actors to authenticate against other public sector IT systems; potentially offering Single Sign On across multiple departments and agencies, and on the G-cloud. This allows better sharing of information and services.[1]

PSIIF offers several "levels of assurance" of identity:

Level of assurance Identity verification Credentials Accreditation
0 None Not applicable Not applicable
1 BPSS and photographic ID User ID and password Self-assessment
2 BPSS and photographic ID User ID and password; additional controls around the client device Self-assessment
3 BPSS and photographic ID Strong authentication, such as two-factor Independent accreditation
4 National ID scheme Not appropriate for PSIIF

Access to systems with higher-impact data would usually require higher levels of assurance. PSIIF is designed to support services handling OFFICIAL information, with business impact levels from IL1 to IL3.

PSIIF will use SAML2.[2]


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