Public Service (EP)

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Public Service
Studio album by Various artists
Released 1981
Recorded n/a
Genre Punk
Label Smoke 7 Records
Puke & Vomit Records

Public Service is a compilation EP released in 1981 on Smoke 7 Records with songs by Hardcore punk bands Bad Religion, Circle One, Disability, RF7 and Redd Kross (here still named "Red Cross"). The album was re-released in 2003 on the Puke & Vomit label.

The EP contains alternate versions of the Bad Religion songs 'Bad Religion', 'Slaves' and 'Drastic Actions' from their first, eponymous EP (Bad Religion). These songs are available at the end of the 80–85 compilation, and also on its 2004 re-release as How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth supposedly was a big fan of the EP and read lyrics from the EP during spoken word shows at the 1993 Lollapalooza. This can be seen in Dave Markey's short film, Grunge Pedal.[1] Part of this film, as well as the EP itself, were shown on MTV's 120 Minutes when Moore was guest hosting.[2]

The EP was reviewed in issue #18 of the Touch and Go punk zine. The review read: "Great sampler (the months of the sampler have arrived) featuring some of LA's finest...the only shit is Disability...all else kicks dink...the Bad Religion is produced songs that appear on their 7' ' but are tons better here...Circle One kick my ass...this is a little too unheralded don't you think you should've bought this along time ago? It aint too too late...write Smoke 7 Productions 7230 DeSoto Ave Suite 104 Canoga Park Ca. 91303"[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Redd Kross - "Cease to Exist"
  2. Redd Kross - "Everyday There's Someone New"
  3. Redd Kross - "Kill Someone You Hate"
  4. RF7 - "World of Hate"
  5. RF7 - "Scientific Race"
  6. RF7 - "Long Live Their Queen"
  7. RF7 - "Perfect World"
  8. Circle One - "G.I. Combat"
  9. Circle One - "High School Society"
  10. Bad Religion - "Bad Religion"
  11. Bad Religion - "Slaves"
  12. Bad Religion - "Drastic Actions"
  13. Disability - "Battling Against the Police"
  14. Disability - "White As a Ghost"
  15. Disability - "Rejection"
  16. Circle One - "F.O."
  17. Circle One - "Destroy Exxon"


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