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PSI logo.jpg
Full name Public Services International
Founded 1907
Members 20 million in 154 countries
Affiliation Global union federation
Key people Dave Prentis, President
Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary
Office location Ferney-Voltaire, France
Country International

Public Services International (PSI) is a global union federation of public sector trade unions representing 20 million working women and men who deliver public services in 154 countries.[1] Members work in social services, health care, municipal services, central government and public utilities such as water and electricity. Women represent two-thirds of the membership.

PSI champions human rights, advocates for social justice and promotes universal access to quality public services. PSI is an officially recognised non-governmental organization for the public sector within the International Labour Organization, and works with the United Nations system in partnership with labour, civil society and other organisations.

PSI fights for respect for trade union and other basic human freedoms and rights including gender equality and LGBT rights, democracy, and social justice throughout the world. PSI’s work increases the ability of trade unions to:

  • organise;
  • achieve full trade union rights for all public service and public sector workers;
  • influence governments; and
  • be self-sufficient and responsible for their own policy and priorities, leading to independence and sustainability through increased membership and democratic structures.

PSI maintains that quality public services are an essential part of a civil society in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. PSI works with the Council of Global Unions[2] in the Quality Public Services—Action Now![3] campaign[4] which promotes fair taxation as a key means of funding public services.

PSI believes these services play a vital role in supporting families, creating healthy communities, and building strong, equitable democracies.

Public Services International Research Unit[edit]

Financed by PSI, Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) researches the privatisation and restructuring of public services around the world, with special focus on water, energy, waste management, and healthcare. Established in 2000, it is part of the Business School of the University of Greenwich, UK.[5][6] It publishes a vast array of reports eg Prison Privatisation Report International.[7]


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