Public Symphony

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Public Symphony
Origin London, UK
Genres Electronica, alternative rock
Years active 2005 (2005)–present
Labels Absolute
Members Dobs Vye, James Reynolds

Public Symphony is a British electronica pop duo, composed of Dobs Vye and James Reynolds. They formed in Brick Lane, London, self-producing and self-releasing in 2006 their debut album, named after the band itself. The album was revised, remastered and republished in 2010, with the title inspire.[1]

According to The Times their "lush, uplifting" music draws elements from Massive Attack, Coldplay and Pink Floyd.[2] [3]

Dobs Vye, a TV music composer, is married to soprano Natasha Marsh.


  • Public Symphony (2006), containing[4]
    1. Wings
    2. Stronger
    3. Breakthrough
    4. Touch
    5. Rise And Shine
    6. Children of the Heatwave
    7. White Dove
    8. I Do
    9. Anything Is Possible
    10. Fill Your Sails
    11. Epilogue
  • inspire (2010), revised and remastered version of Public Symphony, with one fewer track (Children of the Heatwave).[5]


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