Public art in Vancouver

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Map of public art locations in the City of Vancouver.

Public art in Vancouver is an important aspect of the urban environment.[1] Large portions of public art are funded by the provincial and federal government. Up to 1% of the budget of a building can go towards the construction of public art.

The Public Art Program[edit]

Vancouver’s Public Art Program seeks to incorporate contemporary art practices into city planning and development. The program supports art-making of many kinds - emerging and established artists, in new and traditional media from stand-alone commissions to artist collaborations. The program is part of Cultural Services and oversees development of public art opportunities throughout the city. Civic projects at civic buildings, greenways, parks and other public spaces are funded through capital budgets. Private sector projects are funded by developments in the rezoning process.[2]

Coinciding with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the Public Art Program has commissioned various local artists to produce works, with projects such as Paul Wong's 5 project.[3]



Further reading[edit]

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